Handling pigs

How could automation improve the way you work on your farm?

Work smarter, not harder

Challenge: Unnecessary pig handling and moving

Open sows hurt your herd’s productive days and your bottom line.
You need to find them quickly and easily in a group so you can get her rebred or removed.
The same goes for pregnancy checking – it takes time and disrupts sows from resting.
How can you make sure you are finding every open sow without causing stress to animals or wasting your time?


Calm sows and people

Challenge: Skittish sows are stressed sows

Most sows kept in individual gestation stalls avoid contact with people. A sow considers the stall her personal space, and, if approached, will move to avoid being touched. Trying to handle sows in stalls can be time-consuming and stressful for people and pigs alike.

Missouri producer Mel Gerber noticed his sows became easier to handle when he remodeled his stalled barn into group gestation with FREEDA Electronic Sow Feeding:

“In a stall, if I walked up and put my hand in, the sow backed away from me. That doesn’t happen any more.
Now, I can walk through the pen, and they’re all comfortably lying there. They’ll look up at me like, ‘Please move. You’re blocking the sun.’ My sows are much more content. They don’t run away from me, and they’re not aggressive to each other.”

How would your operation improve if your sows were calm and unafraid of people?


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