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Make your farm future proof

Minimal labor, maximum potential

Accurately find and ID open sows in group pens

How would it impact your bottom line if your operation achieved 99 percent accuracy in finding and identifying open sows in group gestation pens?
Such a figure would translate into fewer days open, supporting improved performance for individual sows as well as for your entire herd.

What if it got better? What if your operation could be that accurate in identifying sows BEFORE they came into heat? What if, with minimal labor, you could remove open sows from the group before the potential disruption of a standing heat?

Optimal individual and whole-herd performance

Maintain steady feed intake during lactation

Keeping sow feed intake strong during lactation can have multiple positive impacts on individual and whole-herd performance. In a study by North Carolina State University, a 1-pound increase in average daily feed intake during lactation increased litter weaning weight by 8.6 pounds and number born alive in the subsequent parity by 0.32 piglets.

Those positive increases support your sows’ lifetime performance as well as the potential productivity of her pigs.

Optimal feed intake during lactation also supports milk production and helps sows transition smoothly from farrowing to breeding.

Accurately predict days to market

Precision grower finisher pig feeding

Feeding grower finisher pigs different rations depending on their weights is a proven pig management tactic to support individual performance. Having the flexibility to feed different diets to lighter and heavier pigs within a pen allows you to support the performance of even the lightest pigs while saving money on a less-nutrient-dense diet for heavier pigs.

By weighing grower finisher pigs daily, you will have data at your fingertips to assess each group’s performance, including weights and growth rates. This allows you to better predict when groups will be ready for market.

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