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Perfectly tuned finishing pigs

Feed finishing pigs individually within groups

Optimize ROI in your finishing barn

FREEDA Sorting is revolutionizing a challenging phase of pork production: finishing the pig. In this stage, numbers count. FREEDA Sorting makes those numbers available in real-time so you can continuously improve feed strategy, health management and logistics planning.

FREEDA Sorting finetunes finishing pig management because you can feed pigs based on individual weights to maximize feed efficiency, finish consistent groups, manage shipping and save labor costs.

Traditional style

Typical finishing barns are built with a one-size-fits-all approach, without any real-time information on weight and activity. Feeding is based on pre-set strategies rather than responsive feeding to actual growth. Without daily growth monitoring, accurate planning on delivery is impossible. Pigs need to be sorted manually based on visual weight estimation.

Unlimited farm size

FREEDA Sorting is scalable and perfectly suited for multi-site production systems. The management of all these pigs is performed at a central location with the FREEDA Sorting software dashboard.

Automated delivery

The sorting unit is a smart tool of FREEDA Sorting. The system weighs each pig and directs it to one of two feeding areas with the diet best suited to the pig’s weight. Diets can be determined based on daily growth data. Continuous data collection on growth allows accurate forecasting of weight development, allowing for planning deliveries and transport up to 4 weeks ahead. When a pig reaches market weight, the FREEDA Sorting automatically cuts it from the group by directing it to a delivery section.

The benefits of FREEDA Sorting

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“Our goal is to identify those pigs that are the most efficient users of feed and classify those genetic lines.”
“As breeders, it is our primary objective to establish an optimal boar line. FREEDA Pig Performance Testing provides us a solid foundation that has proven its value over many years.”

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FREEDA allows you to make management decisions easily on any scale.
It is as simple to change feed strategy for the whole herd as it is to adjust for one animal, whether you are on-site or remote.
You can sort finishing pigs whenever you want, based on the targets you set.
At a glance, you can see which animals didn’t eat or which sow is open in a group of 275.


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Clear insight into pig performance with FREEDA PPT

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