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Find open sows in groups with 99% accuracy

Challenge: Human error in heat detection

Even the best-trained employees can miss the signs of a sow in heat. Maybe you’re distracted, thinking about that one last task you have to finish before you can head home. Or maybe the sow wasn’t cooperating. Regardless of the reason, missing sow heats can lead to missed breedings, which negatively impact your bottom line.

What if you had the ability to find open sows in groups with 99% accuracy, minimizing the days the sows in your herd are open? What if you could automatically sort sows from the group into a holding pen where you could find them waiting and ready for breeding?


Open days can slice profits

Challenge: Excess days open

Each day a sow is open is a direct hit to your farm’s potential profits.
The delay deprives you of time, feed and reproductive efficiency.
It also results in added costs per pig because you’re caring for a sow that isn’t producing.
Don’t forget about missed opportunity costs because those sows in heat aren’t adding to the total number of pigs you can sell.

You can calculate the loss for yourself. What is a non-productive day costing you?



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