Welcome to the world, FREEDA

On December 1st, 2023 AgriHub and Agrisys solidified the continuation (and growth) of the Nedap Pig Farming product line by signing the the final partnership and FREEDA was born.

Mikael Kirk (CEO Agrisys) stated that "Together we are going to support customers and partners globally and we look forward to continuing to develop innovative solutions based on the strong heritage of Nedap."

Jeremy Hildebrand (CEO AgriHub Inc.) added "Our collective experience, knowledge, and history of innovation made this partnership, and transition, a natural fit."


Earlier in 2023, Nedap had sent out a press release stating:

We inform you that Nedap N.V., AgriHub (Canada), and AgriSys (Denmark) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), marking the beginning of a strategic partnership.
AgriHub and AgriSys have expressed their intention to expand their activities.
This includes delivering and supporting Nedap’s current product portfolio to our business partners and end customers within the pig segment.
Nedap N.V. will assist AgriHub and AgriSys with technological knowledge, manufacturing know-how and experience in the practical application of our solutions.
This step follows Nedap’s earlier announcement to reduce investments in the pig market.

AgriHub and AgriSys have the knowledge, experience, and resources to take over the delivery and support of the existing Nedap products in this market.
AgriHub and AgriSys have indicated their intention to continue investing in product innovation, with the goal of better supporting end customers in the pig sector.
This will secure uninterrupted service, parts and solutions for current dealers and customers worldwide.
The coming months will be spent further concretizing this cooperation. 
This development allows Nedap to focus entirely on the cow segment within the Livestock Management market, while AgriHub and AgriSys together will strengthen their position in the pig market.

The parties aim to be able to ratify and announce the final partnership by the end of 2023.